About Us

The friends of heavy music of Helsinki University (abr. HYRMY) is an organization operating in the University of Helsinki domain. Our objectives are to unite the metal music enthusiasts and to promote their interests. HYRMY is a devoted bunch of people with metal music close to heart.



HYRMY's main activities are social gatherings, gigs with pre- and after-parties, as well as lively online discussion on Facebook and IRCnet. In addition HYRMY organizes a variety of excursions, sauna evenings and bar tours. Our members are also keen on going to both national and international festivals. Along the years HYRMY has become known as a small-scale organizer of gigs. When it comes to the bigger events, such as cruises and festivals, we co-operate with other organizations in the same field.


HYRMY was founded in 2002. Number of members has grown over the years but the spirit of the organization has remained relaxed and our focus is still on metal music and good company. HYRMY combines variety of people and not one is discriminated on the basis of musical taste. There is room for the entire spectrum of the metal music from falsetto rising eighties heavy metal to the darkest death metal. Members have a wide age range from newcomers to bunch of original members who still are involved in our activities - some even spite of the graduation :) Also the gender distribution is rather even and gradually membership is internationalizing too. Don't wait any longer, join us now!

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