The main stage of HYRMY's gatherings is the clubroom, called "Kertsi" amongst friends. Traditionally the evenst held at Kertsi are called "kertsi-hangouts" or just "kertsi", a term that has a bit more punch to it. Hanging out is a good way to describe these events, since the mood is relaxed and unofficial. Sometimes kertsis have a special theme, but most of the time kertsis have the sole purpose of just spending time with awesome people, accompanied by heavy music.

Kertsi Location

Domus Gaudium

HYRMY's Kertsi is located in Leppäsuo (Leppäsuonkatu 11), in Ulrika cluster at the basement floor of Domus Gaudium.

During kertsis you can enter through the courtyard doors of Domus Gaudium by pressing the "Ulrika" door bell button. If you can't find this button but you do find a Christina Regina tag on a door bell button - you're on the wrong side of the building ;) Once inside, walk down the stairs and turn left. It says "Ulrika" on the glass-door: You're there.

Map to Domus Gaudium

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General Notes

Ulrika cluster consists of a spacious lobby, kitchen, bathroom and two lounges: One big and another smaller. No shoes will be tolerated, so they are to be left in the lobby!

HYRMY shares the cluster with more than one organization, so there can be members of the other organizations present. We should take them and the other residents of the building into consideration, while listening to the music. This is the case especially during the office hours on weekdays when the main users of the building are the clients of the education services of Helsinki School of Economics.

A board of trustees is responsible for the joint use of the Ulrika cluster. When it comes to HYRMY, the enquiries considering the clubroom should be primarily directed to the official in question.

A Short History of Kertsi

Until the year 2009 HYRMY's first Kertsi was located just around the corner of the present clubroom, in the premises of Domus Academica (Leppäsuonkatu 9). In the years 2010-2011 Kertsi was located on the 4th floor of the New Student House (Mannerheimintie 5B). The new Kertsi was centrally located, but it started to get seriously tiny for HYRMY's ever growing membership. The present Kertsi is by far the biggest and the best of the three, and location wise it's also a return to HYRMY's roots.

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