HYRMY Council 2020

Contact the HYRMY council hyrmy-council (at) helsinki.fi

Matti Myllynen
matti.myllynen (at) hyrmy.org

Anniina Ruotsalainen
Vice-President, HYY relations, harassment contact person
anniina.ruotsalainen (at) hyrmy.org

Mikko Vuori
Treasurer, cruise coordinator
mikko.vuori (at) hyrmy.org

Elias Jetsonen
Secretary, cruise coordinator, gig coordinator, harassment contact person
elias.jetsonen (at) hyrmy.org

Noora Alariesto
noora.alariesto (at) hyrmy.org

Jaakko Riutta
Publicist, event coordinator
jaakko.riutta (at) hyrmy.org

Student, fan of metal music, wannabe poet. Studying at Haaga-Helia, from Helsinki to Parkano and back again to Helsinki. You might recognize me from my beard and t-shirts. No military service yet not a hippie.

Tuomas Koukkari
Clubroom representative
tuomas.koukkari (at) hyrmy.org

Astrid Strohmaier
Environment representative, webmaster, members representative
astrid.strohmaier (at) hyrmy.org

Elina Huhtanen
Equality representative, harassment contact person
elina.huhtanen (at) hyrmy.org

Henri "Wade" Vatanen
Sports coordinator
wade.vatanen (at) hyrmy.org

I crawled out from the deep and dark forests of Savonian Empire. Now I lift and listen metal. Ocr and Spartan races are my thing. In my dreams I hear the whispers of Wacken. Ask me about Sport Section. We do sports. Also I like Amon Amarth.
Photo by Henry Söderlund