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Nestori Tähtinen

”Helsinkiin ympäristötieteitä opiskelemaan eksynyt raskaan musiikin ystävä. Suurimman osan ajasta elän kuulokkeet korvilla ja niissä soi pääasiassa trässiä, dödistä ja progressiivista metallia. Mulle voi tulla aina juttelee, oon ihan mukava mutta ehkä vähän porilaine. ”

Jaakko Riutta
Varapuheenjohtaja, Tiedottaja
"Student, friend of metal music, wannabe poet. Studies at Haaga-Helia tekstillä pärjännee."

Nella Forssas

"A language student who accidentally found Hyrmy and became a board member almost instantly. My favourite genres are probably power metal and industrial metal, and every year my most listened artist on Spotify is Sabaton, of course."

Kristian Kiljander
Sihteeri, Ympäristövastaava

"Geology student who likes rocks and also folk, black and death metal. All with pagan spirit and melodic stuff included, so on my first visit to Hyrmy I was told I have the most stereotypical Finnish music taste. My favourite band is Finntroll!"

Elias Jetsonen

Medical student originating from Kotka and a long time HYRMY active. I play drums in a band called Apocrypth. In my free time, I mostly consume progressive metal.

Eetu Tahvonen

One of the older Ancient Ones, originally joined the club as an English freshman way back when. Now featured also a board member. Pretty wide metal tastes. Recent listening has been leaning on death, doom, and black metal. Also likes thrash, trad, and progressive stuff. Among the club's resident chili enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Khoa Vu, @khoavu299

Iida Hermonen
Tapahtumavastaava, Tiedottaja

deep in the forest there is a lake, where a näkki resides. this näkki does not know how to play the violin, but screams and growls as much as possible. the näkki is especially happy with pagan, folk, black, death, and pretty much all sorts of metal. you can even come show your progressive metal side project and i'll gladly listen to it. yes, just step all the way into the lake now

Keikkavastaava, Yhdenvertaisuusvastaava, Häirintäyhdyshenkilö

MSSc (Master's Programme in Politics, Media and Communication). I enjoy primarily black metal and its myriad subgenres, but also all kinds of other weird and unusual stuff. Underground is kvlt.

Anna Jubele
Hallituksen jäsen

Webmaster &

”Studying agricultural sciences, however, I'm not from the countryside. Some of my hobbies are singing and horseback archery."

HYRMY Officials

Iida Ronkainen

"Tactical jack-of-all-trades who can be found somewhere, being busy with something almost 90% of the time. This individual usually consumes her metal black but is still very open to, for example, death metal or basically anything else. I'm always happy to help you or speak with you in every situation :)."

Matti Myllynen

Also a former HYRMY chairman, who escaped to Sweden to evade taxes.